Picking the right material and fittings is as important in the design process as finding the right design. Our guide in our search is durability and patina.

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Every furniture has its origin. It can be in a thought, in a need, or a feeling. Here can you read about the designers thoughts behind the products.

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Our Story

Plus Function is a new Scandinavian design concept for contemporary multifunctional furniture and accessories. We have a short history, but a great vision.

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Plus Functions idea is to create furniture that satisfies more needs than the obvious and solve several problems at once. The result is contemporary multifunctional design furniture, with high quality in a stylish Scandinavian design. Each piece of furniture is handmade in our own workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. Where the products undergo all the changes and trials required before the final product is ready for further production of more copies. All the furniture's material is carefully handpicked to keep the best possible quality.

In the Joinery